Produkt Neuheiten
Eaton introduces DNV type approval to its FHF ResistTel range 
Eaton are pleased to announce that the FHF Ex ResistTel range of analogue and IP telephone for hazardous & safe areas have undergone extensive type testing and have been “component” approved by DNV/GL. 
Having been through extensive internal and external testing, the products are now DNV marine approved to IEC 60945 environmental test standards. This approval covers the use of the phones on bridge and deck applications ensuring the range meets all offshore and marine applications.  
This latest approval has been obtained to meet the increased requirements of special marine markets where Ex telephones are needed for use in a marine application. DNV is rapidly becoming the de-facto certification for marine markets.  
Eaton are especially pleased to announce the completion of the certification of this range as it includes the first Exi approved telephone to pass DNV certification as a component rather than being approved along with a specific PBX system. As such this gives additional flexibility when choosing to use the ResistTel telephone with your telecoms solution. 
Range features 
• ATEX and IECEx certified  
• Ringing volume of 95dB(A)  
• IP66 protection  
• Operating temperature -40°C to +60°C  
• Illuminated, heated LCD display  
• Intelligent, user friendly menu structure  
• Handsfree communication  
• Standard H.323, SIP, TSIP, SIPS protocols  
• Power supply: Power over Ethernet or external supply  
• Simply connected to a single 10/100 BASE T Ethernet LAN, RJ45  
All datasheets, certification and product literature have been updated to reflect this change and can be found at  
For more information please contact 
Eaton’s new FHF EV21 Voice sounder allows the user complete flexibility 
Eaton is pleased to announce the launch of the FHF EV21 Voice, a compact sounder for use with both voice announcements and signalling tones in industrial applications. 
The EV21 Voice is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications with an ingress protection rating of IP54. Its operating temperature of -25°C to +60°C and sturdy design allows for use even in difficult environmental conditions. 
Eight different signal tone compositions may be externally controlled through the stage inputs and are played back by the sounder at the desired volume. 
The compositions assigned to the stage inputs are saved onto a micro SD card inserted into the device. The user may optionally add their own WAV files to the 80+ pre-installed tones. WAV files can be edited using the software supplied which allows the installer or user to configure the signal from a remote PC. The software offers the user high degree of flexibility by allowing a programmable sound file which can consist of both voice announcements and signalling tones in one composition 
For more information please contact the Eaton Technical Sales Team at 
Anschlusskasten mit 
Montageplatte Typ 6944 
Universelle Kombinationsmöglichkeiten 
Für die Kombination folgender Ex Geräte vorbereitet:  
dSLB20, dSLB 20LED, 
Expertline, ActiveLine GH5, dEV20,  
kombinierbar mit Telefonrufrelais mTAR 
Edelstahlblech des Typs 1.4301 (AISI 304) 
Box aus glasfaservers tärktem, elektrostatischleitfähigem Polyester Schutzart IP66 
ResistTel MB: robust und intuitiv bedienbar 
Unsere Topseller ResistTel und ExResistTel gibt es jetzt in der neuen MB Variante. Alle technischen Features wie die Stahltastatur sind beibehalten, nur die Bedienung ist jetzt vereinfacht mit 3 Memory  
Tasten. Diese Memory Tasten ermöglichen nun eine schnelle Wahl von z. B. Notrufnummern oder der Hauptzentrale. Diese Tasten sind von jedem Anwender individuell programmierbar. Selbstverständlich ist die neue MB Version als wettergeschützte und sogar als explosionsgeschützte Variante verfügbar.  
Alle technischen Details erhalten Sie  
hier für wettergeschütze oder  
hier für explosionsgeschützte Ausführung.
Telefonanschlussrelais jetzt auch für den explosionsgeschützten Bereich verfügbar: mTAR  
Das mTAR ist die explosionsgeschützte Variante unseres Telefonanschlussrelais (TAR) für die Zonen 1 + 21. Es ermöglicht den Anschluss all unserer Signalgeräte durch potentialfreie Schaltkontakte an unsere Telefone in den explosionsgefährdeten Bereichen 
Einblicke in Einsatzgebiete (mpeg)